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Article Can I update my information while my order is being processed?
Unfortunately, your information cannot be updated while your order is being processed. You can...
Views: 3636
Article Do you support SFTP?
SFTP is activated if you have SSH access. If not, you need SSH access to be able to use SFTP.
Views: 3476
Article How do I add another domain to my account?
You can add unlimited domains to your your hosting account. name servers...
Views: 4374
Article How do I cancel my account ?
With you can cancel your account at ANYTIME.The easiest way to do this is to...
Views: 2525
Article How do I pay an invoice ?
You can pay an invoice by logging into using your billing username...
Views: 16297
Article How do I transfer my domain name from my old host to Web City Services
If you are looking to transfer your domain name you currently have hosted or registered elsewhere...
Views: 3861
Article How do I update my contact information ?
You can update your billing contact information in your billing account at...
Views: 2738
Article How do I view my information in your system? How do I view my information in your system?
You can view all of your personal and billing information at your customer portal. Your login...
Views: 2604
Article How do I view my invoices ?
You can view your invoices by logging into your  customer portal using your billing username and...
Views: 2683
Article How do you log into Support & Billing?
You can log into your Web City Services billing account by going to Client Portal using your...
Views: 2416
Article How long do you keep my account details in your system?
We keep account details in our system for 30 days after a cancellation has taken place, but...
Views: 2290
Article I'm trying to place an order and get an 'Charge declined' error message.
This message usually appears when you don't have enough funds to cover the cost of the invoice...
Views: 2576

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