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Article Can I add an auto responder to my emails?
An auto responder can be setup in cPanel to respond to any incoming emails with a message...
Views: 1916
Article Do you support Joomla!?
Yes we support Joomla! which is easy to install, simple to manage, and reliable. Joomla! is one...
Views: 2533
Article How do I login to my domain's cPanel?
You can login to your cPanel by going to (yourdomain is your domain...
Views: 24351
Article How do I transfer my existing website's content to Web City Services
If you have been using cPanel with your previous host then you need to create a full backup of...
Views: 2132
Article How do you log use my website email or webmail?
Working with Email Accounts=============================The following email will guide you in...
Views: 6408
Article What is the maximum php upload file size on your servers?
The maximum php upload file size is 2 MB on our shared hosting servers. A higher file size is...
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